Gods of Pain - Sound Kit

$ 65.99
$ 344.99

50 Guitar Starters

50 Piano Starters

50 Acapellas

250+ Drums

250+ One Shots

50 Melody MIDIs

Gods of Pain Sound Kit presented by KAYDEE PRO & Alyx is a bundle of 6 CRAZY packs, that'll provide you with LITERALLY everything you need to make loops & beats in the style of artists like: NoCap, Toosii, Rod Wave, Rylo Rodriguez, Lil Tjay, Lil Poppa, & many more.

What's Inside?

Pack #1                                                        

Heavy Hearts - Guitar Starter Kit

$50 Value

Live and Authentic: Immerse yourself in the genuine sound of live guitars, meticulously played and recorded to capture the essence of emotive melodies and soulful vibes. Each sample is carefully curated to evoke emotion and inject life into your productions.


Versatility for Artists: Craft beats and loops that resonate with the distinct styles of NoCap, Rylo Rodriguez, Rod Wave, Toosii, and more. Our sound kit is designed to complement the unique aesthetic of these artists, providing you with a versatile palette to express your musical vision.


Everything labeled with Key & BPM + Royalty Free (except for major placements).

Pack #2                                                   

Roses & Rain - Piano Starter Kit

$50 Value

Signature Sounds: Dive into the distinctive sounds embraced by contemporary artists. "Roses & Rain Piano Collection" is carefully curated to capture the essense of Lil Tjay's melodious flow, Rod Wave's emotional depth, Toosii's dynamic energy, and NoCap's raw authenticity.


Limitless Possibilities: Explore new horizons in your music production journey & overcome creative blocks. Whether you're crafting smooth melodies, emotional ballads, or dynamic loops, this collection offers a diverse range of samples for limitless creative expression.


Everything labeled with Key & BPM + Royalty Free (except for major placements).

Pack #3                                                       

Voices of Remorse - Acapella Kit

$100 Value

Live-Recorded Brilliance: Immerse yourself in the authentic, live-recorded brilliance of this pack. Each acapella is a testament to the emotive power and raw talent of the artists who inspire us, bringing a touch of authenticity to your creations.


Crystal-Clear-Quality: Elevate your production with unmatched clarity. Our acapellas are delivered in high-quality format, ensuring that every vocal nuance, emotion, and expression is crystal-clear, providing a studio-like experience in your own creations. Whether you're crafting smooth R&B melodies, soulful hooks, or dynamic hip-hop beats, the Vocal Harmony Vault empowers you to express your unique sound.


Everything labeled with Key & BPM + Royalty Free (except for major placements).

Pack #4                                                         

The Pain Formula Vol. 2 - Drum Kit

$60 Value

Comprehensive Sound Library: Dive into a vast collection of over 250 premium drum sounds meticulously curated to capture the essence of the Pain sound. Crafted with precision, each sound is tailored to resonate with the unique vibes of artists who dominate the charts.


Versatile Production: From punchy kicks and snares to cutting-edge hi-hats and percussion, "The Pain Formula Vol. 2" provides you with the versatility to create beats across a spectrum of styles. Whether you're producing melodic R&B or hard-hitting Trap, these sounds form the foundation of your sonic masterpiece.


100% Royalty Free.




Hi Hats


Open Hats





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Pack #5                               

Amore - One Shot Kit

$60 Value

Versatile Sound Palette: Immerse yourself in a rich selection of one-shot samples ranging from captivating accents, deep basses, enchanting bells, soulful guitars, expressive guitar strums, intricate guitar runs, evocative pianos, rhythmic wah guitars, sweeping strings, to mesmerizing vocal phrases. "Amore" delivers a diverse and comprehensive sound palette for your creative exploration.


VST-Quality Sound: Experience the power of VST-quality sounds without the need for complex plugins. Each one-shot sample is meticulously recorded and engineered to provide the depth, clarity, and expressiveness necessary to bring your beats to life.


100% Royalty Free.



Guitar Runs

Guitar Strums






Vocal Phrases