Spellbound - Sound Kit

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  • 169 unique drums made from scratch
  • 20 dark ambient, angelic samples (key & bpm labeled)
  • 65 drum MIDIs for instant inspiration
  • Unlock new sounds & patterns; No more cookie-cutter/basic Trap beats
  • Drums and Midis are 100% royalty free


Spellbound Drum Kit

Featuring 169 total drum samples; 95% of these drums were made completely from scratch for a fresh & unique production style.


Experience an instant boost in creativity & step outside your comfort zone with the experimental Trap drums of Spellbound.


Easily create less basic and more intricate beats with the wide array of new sounds Spellbound has to offer.


[100% royalty free]


Spellbound Drum MIDIs

Spellbound offers 65 total drum MIDIs. 50 Hi Hat MIDIs, and 15 Snare Roll MIDIs.


These MIDIs were designed to easily spice up your production in seconds, providing plenty of intricate patterns to use & try out in case you're in need of inspiration.


Unlock new patterns & variations for your arsenal with Spellbound's MIDI pack.


[100% royalty free]


Hi Hat MIDIs

Snare Roll MIDIs

Spellbound Sample Pack

Featuring a mixture of 20 unique, dark & melodic compositions to ensure you have everything you need to create 1-of-1 sounding beats.


All samples key & bpm labeled for quick and easy use.


In addition to the Spellbound Drum Kit & MIDI Pack, these samples make this Sound Kit an all-you-need purchase for leveling up your beat-making process.


[100% royalty free]


Sample Previews

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It’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔈🔉🔊📝

kash beats

Spellbound - Sound Kit

Stefan Cigan

Spellbound - Sound Kit

369drumdivine …


Im getting high

Crazy stuff 😚😚Damn !!!!

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