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Producer, Sample Maker, Sound Designer, Audio Engineer, Video Editor

Mike got into listening to Trap music around 2012 when he came across Chief Keef, he instantly fell in love with the genre and started diving deeper, developing a strong love for Hip hop & artists like Future, etc. In 2017, he finally downloaded the FL Studio Demo and began cooking up beats for himself due to being inspired by other Producers such as Ronny J, Pierre Bourne, & more.

He began posting type beats on YouTube in 2018 and saw DNX hosting a contest where they were looking for a few members. After submitting a beat for the contest, Mike was one of the few members chosen to join the group. He started out as a member, however throughout the years of his persistent dedication to the group, he slowly started climbing the ranks within the collective and eventually started to become one of the heads of the operation.

Has worked with (& more)

P-Valley TV Show (Season 2, Episode 1 Soundtrack)

Key Glock